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Mexican Organization Issues Bulletin
Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- The Mexican Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea issued its bulletin titled "The DPRK's mode of building a thriving nation." It carried a photo of General Secretary Kim Jong Il giving field guidance to the Rakwon Machine Complex.

The bulletin in an article noted that the DPRK has already attained the status of a politico-ideological power and a military and scientific and technological power, adding that it can be called a thriving socialist nation both in name and reality if it emerges an economic power by channeling all efforts into the economic construction.

Explaining the way the DPRK works hard to accomplish the cause of building a thriving nation, the article said:

The DPRK is building the thriving nation by definitely keeping the ideological work ahead of all other work and thereby giving fullest play to the revolutionary zeal and creative ingenuity of the masses.

It is also building the thriving nation in the spirit of self-reliance which calls for depending upon its own resources and raw materials, efforts and technology under any circumstances.

It is building the thriving nation by setting an example in a certain region and unit and generalizing it.

Its leader is providing field guidance, greatly encouraging the popular masses in their drive to build the thriving nation.

The DPRK is building a great prosperous and powerful nation by the socialist method under any circumstances.

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