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Seminar for Remembering Korean Victims Held in Tokyo
Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- An international seminar for remembering Korean victims was held in Tokyo under the sponsorship of the Tokyo Group for the Probe into the Truth about the Forcible Drafting of Koreans (Tokyo fact-finding group) on February 27, 65 years since U.S. forces' big air-raid on Tokyo.

Present there were members and researchers of the Tokyo fact-finding group and Japanese political figures and citizens.

Akihiro Hatsushiga, member of the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party of Japan, said in his speech it was very regretful that the Japanese government has not yet got proper knowledge of the actual conditions of many Korean victims of the big air-raid on Tokyo. He expressed his will to make positive efforts to seek a solution to the issue by improving the Japan-DPRK relations in the future.

Ri Il Man, secretary general of the Korean side to the fact-finding group, noted in his keynote report that the probe into the actual conditions of the Korean victims of the big air-raid made by the U.S. forces on Tokyo in March of 1945, the closing period of the Second World War, is directly related to the issue of the Japanese government's settlement of the past crimes. He referred to the activities of the Tokyo fact-finding group, the background against which remains of the dead were unearthed and the situation that prevailed at that time when forcible drafting was perpetrated.

He urged the Japanese government to correctly confirm the identities of Korean victims, probe the truth about the issue of remains and take practical measures to make an apology and reparation to the victims and their bereaved families.

The seminar heard a report "Our Stand on Issue of Remains" sent by the Measure Committee for Former Korean "Comfort Women" for Imperial Japanese Army and Victims of Forcible Drafting. Then followed speeches by Singichi Arai, honorary professor at Ibaraki University, and Jong Hye Gyong, section chief of the south Korean Committee for Investigation into the Damage Done by the Japanese Imperialists' Forcible Mobilization during Their Occupation of Korea.

An appeal adopted at the seminar charged that more than 10,000 Koreans were killed during the big air-raid on Tokyo but the Japanese government and business groups which committed forcible drafting at that time are still evading the responsibility for the crime and refusing to make due apology and reparation for it.

The appeal called for boosting solidarity and ties with the progressive organizations this year marking the lapse of 100 years since the fabrication of the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" to let an increasing number of people turn out as one in the movement to seek a solution to the issue.

The seminar was followed by a memorial service.

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