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S. Korean Authorities' Treacherous Row Flayed
Pyongyang, February 22 (KCNA) -- The south Korean conservative authorities are now loudmouthed about "lapse of six decades since the June 25 war." On this occasion they plan to stage varieties of big anti-DPRK events like banquets for the mercenaries who participated in the Korean war and build a "park in memory of the landing operation in Inchon" and erect a "monument" through the allocation of huge funds.

Rodong Sinmun Monday observes in a signed commentary carried in this regard:

This is a shameless distortion and mockery of history and truth and an unpardonable challenge to the compatriots who have made every sincere effort for reconciliation and unity, the peace and reunification of the country.

The conservative group should seriously reflect on the acts of treachery committed by them and make an apology for them to all the Koreans this year marking the lapse of six decades since south Korea ignited a war against the north in collusion with outside forces.

The south Korean conservative authorities have perpetrated reckless provocations against the north, far from responding to its efforts to achieve reconciliation and cooperation between the north and the south and improve the inter-Korean relations, lashing all Koreans into great fury.

Only shameful destruction awaits the group of traitors rushing headlong into confrontation and war, their backs turned on the nation.

They would be well advised to give up their foolish attempt if they do not want to commit more hideous crimes against history and the nation.

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