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Anniversary of Creation of Chongsan-ri Observed
Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday dedicates an editorial to the 50th anniversary of the Chongsan-ri spirit and the Chongsan-ri method created by President Kim Il Sung.

The Chongsan-ri spirit and Chongsan-ri method are the most powerful and revolutionary idea and method of mass leadership as they are based on the immortal Juche idea and the revolutionary mass line of the Workers' Party of Korea, the editorial stresses, and goes on:

The above-said spirit and method have been successfully carried forward and embodied by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

They are the powerful weapon which helped strengthen in every way the single-minded unity of the revolutionary ranks in the DPRK, the motive force that brought about a radical turn in the ideological and moral traits and work-style of the officials and the basic source that helped effect sustained surge in all sectors of socialist construction.

The WPK saw to it that the superior assisted the subordinate, priority was given to the political work and the officials served the people. This leadership became a basic factor that realized the steel-like cohesion and unity of the revolutionary ranks and turned the whole society into a big revolutionary family.

Today, the officials called "our official" by the people are increasing in number, and they have taken the lead in the masses' advance to carry through the line and policy of the WPK in a do-or-die spirit, shouting "Follow me!" This reality is a clear manifestation of the great vitality of the Chongsan-ri spirit and Chongsan-ri method.

The editorial stresses that a great prosperous and powerful nation is sure to be built successfully as there are the wise guidance of the WPK embodying such revolutionary and powerful mass leadership method as the great Chongsan-ri spirit and method and the might of harmonious whole of all the servicepersons and people intensely faithful to the Party's leadership.

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