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Adapted Trees Propagated
Pyongyang, February 5 (KCNA) -- The Central Botanical Garden has adapted winter ornamental plants to the climatic and soil conditions of different parts of Korea.

Among them is Benzoin angustifolium var. glabrum, a tree keeping its own peculiarity even in winter.

The cold-resistant tree, some five meters high, has its leaves swaying slightly even without wind.

It has oval leaves and short leafstalks. The leaves are replaced with new ones in May and June.

Its light yellow flowers bloom in groups from axillaries around May, forming an umbrella-shape inflorescence. Its round fruits, the diameter of which is about 5mm, ripen in September and October. The tree is propagated by both seed and cutting.

The tree has already been planted in parks, recreation grounds and streets throughout the country.

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