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Study Tour for Kim Jong Il's Birthplace Starts
Pyongyang, February 5 (KCNA) -- School youth and children from across the country started a study tour of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan secret camp on the occasion of his birthday.

The meeting for starting the march took place in front of the Victorious Battle of Pochonbo Memorial Tower in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province on Feb. 4.

The participants laid floral baskets and flowers before the statue of President Kim Il Sung standing at the tower and paid tribute to him.

A reporter and speakers at the meeting vowed to earnestly learn from the fighting spirit displayed by the anti-Japanese forerunners in devotedly defending the headquarters of the revolution in order to become the first line death-defying corps protecting Kim Jong Il politically and ideologically and with their lives and staunch fighters translating his plan to build a thriving nation into reality.

They called upon the school youth and children to deeply grasp the greatness of the three commanders of Mt. Paektu and the history of the Songun revolution which the revolutionary battle sites and revolutionary sites bear witness to and firmly arm themselves with the Juche idea, the Songun idea of the Workers' Party of Korea.

At the end of the meeting, the study tour group started its march.

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