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Struggle for Peace against War Called for
Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) -- A war can be averted and the people's desire for peace realized only through a staunch struggle against the imperialists' policy of war.

Rodong Sinmun Friday observes this in a signed article.

It goes on:

It is the aspiration and desire common to mankind to live in a peaceful world without war.

Peace can be achieved only through a struggle. The struggle for preserving peace precisely means an anti-imperialist and anti-war struggle.

In order to avert a war and ensure peace the world progressive people should go united to frustrate every move of the imperialists for aggression and war and tightly bind them hand and foot.

The higher the peace-loving people hold the banner of unity, the bitterer frustration the imperialists will meet in their moves for aggression and war and the more favorable environment will be created for the accomplishment of the human cause of peace.

The imperialists will not be able to dare run wild and launch a war of aggression if all the peace-loving countries and people in the world boost their capabilities for self-defence.

The imperialist aggressor forces are now in a serious crisis internally and externally.

The anti-imperialist independent forces should properly understand the weakness of the imperialist forces for aggression and positively turn out in the struggle to protect peace from war, remaining unfazed by their bluffing.

As the imperialists are now working hard to put the world under their control and domination, peace can be lasting only when it is ensured worldwide.

The preservation of peace on the Korean Peninsula constitutes a main link in the chain efforts for ensuring global peace.

The Korean people have waged a strenuous struggle to avert a war and maintain peace in the peninsula under the uplifted banner of peace throughout the period of carrying out revolution and construction.

They will carry on their dynamic struggle to frustrate the war policy of the imperialist forces for aggression in the future, too, and thus defend the sovereignty of the country and socialism and give strong impetus to the victorious advance of the human cause of peace.

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