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Offensive for Improvement of People's Living Urged
Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun in an editorial today calls upon all the people to vigorously launch the general offensive for improving the people's standard of living in the same vim and working spirit as displayed by the employees at the Songjin Steel Complex (Songgang) under the leadership of Kim Jong Il and thus glorify the brilliant era of prosperity unprecedented in the history of the nation.

The stamina and working spirit of Songgang represent the mettle and spirit of Songun Korea dashing towards the eminence of a great prosperous and powerful nation, full of confidence in sure victory and optimism under the banner of Juche, the editorial says, and goes on:

They are run through with the staunch revolutionary spirit, the matchless heroism and the spirit of creation of the Korean working class, and contain all patterns of faith and will and working attitude that the Korean people should possess in the present era of great surge.

The stamina and spirit of workers of Songgang are culmination of noble moral obligation and intense loyalty to their leaders, an eruption of strong mental power based on national self-pride and matchless courage and an expression of indomitable and stubborn offensive spirit and popular heroism.

The workers of Songgang wrought such miracle in history as giving birth to Juche steel as they displayed their fidelity as clean as a white gem to perfectly prove in a scientific and theoretical way and in practice President Kim Il Sung's idea on Juche iron and bring the plan of General Secretary Kim Jong Il into brilliant reality.

Self-esteem of the strong to explore the frontiers of science in the metallurgical industry its own way and by its own efforts and matchless pluck to make leap forward by covering others' hundred or thousand feet only with its one step--these are inveterate working disposition of all the workers, technicians and officials of Songgang.

The strong will to make a breakthrough for advance in the do-or-die spirit and collectivism whereby all the workers, technicians and officials form a large family and pool their wisdom and efforts for one purpose are the inveterate working spirit of Songgang.

We are sure to emerge victorious in the general advance for this year when we conduct the vigorous offensive in the do-or-die spirit to unconditionally implement the Workers' Party of Korea's idea and line to the last as the workers of Songgang did.

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