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Korean People Advance Forward with Confidence
Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- In response to the appeal of the joint New Year editorial published by the DPRK's leading newspapers, the Korean service members and people have advanced dynamically with confidence and optimism since the beginning of the year to bring about great changes in the building of a thriving nation this year that marks the 65th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The army and people, with the belief that led by General Secretary Kim Jong Il they will surely move up a rosy future filled with their happiness, have adorned their everyday work with merits, deeply moved by his patriotic dedication to the nation.

"Let us live not merely for today but for tomorrow!" -- this is a slogan they will as ever hold high in their work and life.

The slogan, Kim Jong Il set forth in his work published on January 14, Juche 85 (1996), encourages the people to devotedly work for the future of the nation and the happiness of posterity though they may not enjoy benefits from it.

Inspired by the revolutionary slogan, the Korean army and people could successfully conclude the ten-odd-year "Arduous March," the forced march, to advance dynamically towards a thriving nation, steadfastly defending socialism.

In the difficult years of the march the land rezoning project, a far-sighted patriotic undertaking, was finished with success along with the construction of many power stations, modern production bases and monumental edifices in different parts of the country.

The Korean army and people, who have experienced through past years the truth that after hardship, happiness will surely come, are now working hard to open the gate to a thriving nation without fail by 2012 that marks the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

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