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Story of Kim Jong Il
Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) -- One day in January Juche 56 (1967) General Secretary
Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to a poultry farm in Pyongyang.

When an official of the farm told him that chickens went to roost without feeding in darkness, he asked the official why the coops had not been lighted. The question bewildered him.

Kim Jong Il said that every house of the farm villages had usually hung out an electric light under the eaves in summer evenings with the family members sitting in a circle, making straw ropes and chattering away happily, during which chickens had pecked at feed in the lighted yard. He then said they should make use of the chicken's behavior to fatten it up.

Saying that chickens would not go to roost early in the evening and keep feeding when coops were kept lighted, he noted that it did not need much work.

After his guidance the official began raising chickens in the way indicated by the leader and came to know that a 63-day-old chicken gained 600 to 800 more grams in weight than in the previous way.

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