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Workers Called upon to Successes in Light Industry and Agriculture
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- The employees of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex on Saturday sent a letter to all other working people across the country calling on them to make redoubled efforts and leap forward full of confidence and optimism in order to proudly signal victory in the light industrial and agricultural fronts.

The letter noted that the goal of the general offensive is clear and the campaign in 2010 is sure to be crowned with victory, stressing the need to bring about an unprecedented leap forward and a dramatic turn in improving the people's standard of living without fail and thus realize the noble intention of General Secretary Kim Jong Il to enable them to lead an affluent life as early as possible and show the whole world that what the Workers' Party of Korea determined is not an empty talk.

The letter went on:

It was the lifelong wish of President Kim Il Sung to enable the Korean people to enjoy greatest happiness in the socialist land of bliss with nothing to desire more. And it is the ardent desire of
Kim Jong Il.

Our tasks are vast but we have a treasured sword for emerging victors again. Happiness is sure to come as long as Kim Jong Il steers the on-going historic general offensive and the people trust and follow him only.

Last year was a year of change and a phenomenal year of realizing all the ideals of the people as intended by Kim Jong Il. And this year, too, will shine as a year of a radical turn in the people's standard of living and a year shouting louder hurray of socialism as determined by him.

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