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World Peace-Loving Forces Called upon to Strengthen Unity
Pyongyang, December 31 (KCNA) -- It is necessary for all the progressives of the world to get united in order to ensure the victory of anti-imperialist and independent forces and accomplish the cause of peace in the struggle against the imperialists, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a signed article.

It goes on:

It is possible to successfully avert a war and preserve peace if the world progressive people turn out in the struggle for protecting peace from imperialism while solidarizing and uniting with one another under the uplifted banner of unity.

The world peace-loving forces should unite on the principle of independence and the might of this unity should be displayed in the anti-imperialist struggle.

What is most important in the struggle to defend peace is to struggle against the imperialists' high-handed and arbitrary practices. The world peace-loving people should weaken the imperialists as much as possible and dismember them through counteroffensives against them in every part of the world.

The progressives should never harbor illusion about imperialism as it is little short of giving up the anti-imperialist struggle.

It is the consistent policy of the DPRK to struggle against the imperialists' aggression and war moves in firm unity with the world progressives in the idea of independence, peace and friendship.

The Korean people will wage a more dynamic struggle against imperialists and war under the prevailing situation and thus ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and make positive contributions to realizing humankind's desire for peace, concludes the article.

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