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S. Korean Puppets' Plot to Torpedo Process for Improving Inter-Korean relations Censured
Pyongyang, December 29 (KCNA) -- The "Ministry of Unification" of south Korea was recently reported to have presented "a proposal for changing the basic plan for developing south-north relations" to the "Grand National Party". The keynote of the proposal calls for defining the "basic plan" as one "hard to implement" and modifying it in the direction of linking the nuclear issue with the issue of north-south cooperation.

Minju Joson Tuesday observes in a signed commentary in this regard: The south Korean puppets are going to formally adopt the proposal at the "committee for developing south-north relations" slated to be held next month, but this is an absolutely intolerable anti-reunification move.

It is none other than the puppets who thwarted the implementation of the "basic plan" which calls for separating the nuclear issue from the issue of north-south cooperation and pushing forward both of them in parallel.

Having bedeviled the inter-Korean relations over the nuclear issue since they came to power, the puppets seek to step up their moves against the nation and reunification in the future, too, in a more desperate and vicious manner.

As they consider the above-said plan as one of the hurdles lying in the way of pushing forward such moves, they are contemplating modifying it in the direction of linking the nuclear issue with the issue of inter-Korean cooperation.

By doing so they seek to achieve their sinister purpose of escalating the confrontation with fellow countrymen under the pretext of the nuclear issue and thus completely severing the inter-Korean relations and driving them to a more uncontrollable catastrophe.

It is the unanimous aspiration and steadfast will of all compatriots to improve the inter-Korean relations as early as possible and pave a wide avenue for independent reunification and peace and prosperity through national reconciliation and unity, the commentary notes, adding that the south Korean puppets will not be able to escape a stern judgment by history for their persistent efforts to bedevil the inter-Korean relations quite contrary to the aspiration and desire of the fellow countrymen.

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