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KCNA Report on Kim Jong Il's Field Guidance This Year
Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il, standing on the forefront of socialist construction in Juche 98 (2009), injected inexhaustible energy into the ranks of the general advance and thus brought about a great turn in the drive to build a rich and powerful nation. The KCNA Saturday published a report on the records of the field guidance provided by him in the year.

According to the report, he provided field guidance to at least 200 units across the country this year.

The number of the units which received his field guidance in the first three months of the great advance for effecting a great surge that started at the outset of the year is more than quadruple that in the same period of last year.

Under his leadership the Songjin Steel Complex witnessed a great event to be specially recorded in the development of metallurgic industry, the event that definitely put the nation's metal industry on the orbit of its development on the basis of Juche iron.

While giving on-the-spot guidance to the Taehung Youth Mine, he most highly appreciated the feat its workers performed by successfully placing the magnesia clinker production on a Juche basis in the spirit of self-reliance in a brief span of time. This benevolent care resulted in the emergence of the first hero mine in the country.

The builders of the Huichon Power Station have completed in a matter of five months the amount of work which would take several years at ordinary pace by dashing ahead along the path indicated by him, creating the "Huichon Speed", a great speed of advance in Songun Korea.

A new era of full introduction of CNC technology has been ushered in economic construction. Keeping pace with the forced march of peerlessly great man Kim Jong Il, the Taean Heavy Machine Complex wrought such a miracle in the spirit of self-reliance as putting super-large machine tools on a CNC basis and the Kusong Machine Tool Factory turned into a model factory equipped with up-to-the-minute technology.

He visited the February 8 Vinalon Complex twice to give field guidance to it and also toured the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, bringing about a great leap forward in the development of the nation's chemical and fertilizer industries.

While visiting the Samilpho Special Product Factory, he highly praised the factory for setting an example in producing varieties of highest quality foodstuffs by totally relying on the locally available raw materials and resources and thus kindled a torch for bringing about a new radical turn in the foodstuff processing industry.

He provided on-the-spot guidance to the Migok Cooperative Farm in Sariwon City, the Unhung Cooperative Farm in Thaechon County and other rural areas, leading them to thoroughly implement the party's policy on bringing about a radical turn in agriculture. His field guidance kicked off a nationwide hot competition for a leaping boost in agricultural production.

The Ostrich Farm has turned into a large-scale one presenting spectacular scenery and cattle farms, pig farms, chicken farms and other stock-breeding bases have been technologically updated and fish culture centers have been equipped with the latest science and technology thanks to his loving care for providing the people with most affluent and highly civilized life.

The people's ideal was translated into a reality wherever he went as exemplified by the construction of attractive mountaineering roads on Mt. Myohyang presenting superb scenery, the renovation of the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, the appearance of Majon Hotel, the Kalma Theatre, the North Hwanghae Provincial Art Theatre and other best centres for cultural and emotional life, the Taedonggang Tile Factory, the world's best general building material base, Mansudae Street, a standard for building apartment houses of a thriving nation, the Hwangjin Hot Spring Village, a socialist fairyland, and other places.

He energetically led the work to put science, education, culture and arts and land construction onto the highest level.

The whole party's campaign for general offensive, the all-state campaign for general mobilization and the all-people life-and-death campaign were conducted to bring about an epochal phase in building a thriving nation, inspired by the indefatigable journeys for field guidance made by him and the 150-day campaign and the 100-day campaign resulted in bringing a shining heyday to Songun Korea.

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