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Eleventh Scenic Spot of Songun Era
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- The Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm has come into being in Wonhung area in Samsok District, Pyongyang.

Until last year, the area had remained a small rural community consisting of a few outdated villages with a zigzag river and uneven paddy and dry fields.

In a matter of less than a year, the villages have all moved and nestled under a hill, the river course changed, a large hill totally disappeared and the patches turned into a large-scale orchard.

Long-stretching lines of fruit trees and some 20-kilometer-long pavements between the large-sized standardized fields look perfect and faultless in all aspects.

The community is now furnished with modern dwelling houses where food is prepared with the help of methane gas, a gymnasium as modern as those in towns, garages full of vehicles, a large fruit depot and a fruit processing factory.

Astonishingly enough, fruits have already been gathered from trees planted in March this year.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited the farm and enjoyed a bird's-eye view of the orchard with pleasure. Taking an appetizing apple weighing 550g in his hand, he said Korea has one more pride, the eleventh scenic spot of the Songun era, this year when the Korean people's dreams have come true.

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