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Japan Urged to Settle Its Crime-woven Past
Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA) -- Japan should settle its inglorious past and make due reparation for it in keeping with the demand and trend of the times, mindful that its future depends on the settlement of its past. Minju Joson Tuesday urges this in a signed commentary.

It cites facts that those countries which committed war crimes or imposed damage on others in the past have taken honest actions to settle their past wrongs.

It goes on:

However, the attitude of Japan, a war criminal state, is quite different from theirs in the light of the present trend of the international community toward the settlement of past.

As well known to the world, Japan inflicted enormous misfortune and pain on humankind during the Second World War as was the case with Germany and Italy. Japan is a criminal state as it had occupied Korea for more than 40 years, imposing untold human, material and moral losses on the Korean people.

Nevertheless, the reactionaries of Japan have refused even to admit its past crimes, far from making apology for them. On the contrary they are persistently trying to keep their past crime-woven history buried into oblivion.

Japan is not allowed to behave as it pleases as far as the settlement of its past is concerned. It is a moral obligation and a duty under international law for Japan to settle its past.

Japan's any further delay in settling its past would only add to its crimes and invite more thorough international isolation and bitterer worldwide criticism.

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