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New Terms Come into Being in DPRK
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- Lots of new terms reflecting the present time have come into being in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea this year replete with great changes.

When visiting an ostrich farm located in the suburbs of Pyongyang in early October, General Secretary Kim Jong Il told attendant officials that the farm had proved the justness of the Party's policy of turning the whole country into a thick woodland and greenery by planting a large number of trees. He then called it "patriot village", "patriot community" boasting of many people devotedly working for the country.

Since then new terms "patriot village" and "patriot community" have been in common use in the country.

The farm has been considered a model unit in the efforts for turning the country into a thick woodland and greenery.

Some 100 ostrich pens, ostrich processing factory and other production buildings are enveloped by more than 560,000 trees of over 50 species, bearing a close resemblance to a huge arboretum or a rest centre.

In recent years working sites and rural villages have taken a new look with miracles and innovations being reported from throughout the country, entailing many new terms such as "serviceperson's modern house", "fish breeding girl of Kujang", "CNC", "Korea advances towards the world", "ostrich street" and "Huichon speed".

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