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S. Korean Puppets' Anti-DPRK "Human Rights" Racket Censured
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- Chairman of the United Confederation of Koreans in Ukraine Kim Yong Sul issued a statement on Dec. 9 denouncing the south Korean puppets for kicking up a "human rights" racket against the DPRK.

The statement accused the group of the Grand National Party of south Korea of having recently worked hard to adopt a "law on the human rights in the north" at the "National Assembly", adding that this is an intolerable politically motivated provocation as it is nothing but a sinister intention to tarnish the image of the dignified socialist system in the DPRK and push the confrontation of systems to an extreme pitch of tension.

If the ruling forces of south Korea are truly interested in the human rights issue, they should properly reflect on the human right abuses committed by them in south Korea, the statement urged, and went on:

The puppets, finding themselves in an extreme crisis, are seeking a way out of it in escalating the inter-Korean confrontation.

The moves to cook up such law can never be a way out for the traitorous ruling quarters.

They are sadly mistaken if they calculate they can achieve their political purpose through such ridiculous farce.

The confrontation-minded maniacs' anti-DPRK "human rights" row will only precipitate their self-destruction.

The confederation strongly demands the south Korean ruling forces stop at once the above-said racket aimed at escalating the confrontation and tension.

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