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Yonggwang Furniture Joint Venture Company
Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) -- Many kinds of quality furniture are made in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to contribute to improving the people's living standard.

The Yonggwang Furniture Joint Venture Company, one of the country's leading furniture producers, makes various kinds of furniture, mainly relying on local raw materials.

It, inaugurated in Juche 82 (1993), is fully equipped with modern machines including a vacuum wood veneer machine and NC wood carver.

Doors, living room and kitchen fixtures and other household stuff produced by the company are well received for their diversity of shape and kind and for their good quality.

It mass-produces some 100 varieties of quality furniture, plastic-framed windows of different sizes including three-ply vacuum windows, coating materials of outer and inner walls made of natural materials and glass decorations.

The products of the company, high in the level of standardization and specialization, are popular in foreign markets, too.

Recently, the company made versatile furniture convenient in usage to attract the attention of experts.

The company, through its furniture institute, has developed new and peculiar models of furniture based on advanced technical information and, through its service centre and shop, sold its products and taken orders.

It has also made sound reflecting plates requiring advanced technology, theatre seats, stage floorings and other goods ordered.

It is now concentrating efforts on making new kinds of furniture combining the tastes and physical constitution of the Korean people well with the trend of the time.

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