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S. Korean Authorities' Move to Dispatch Troops under Fire
Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) -- The Democratic Labor Party, "the Democratic Party" and other opposition parties of south Korea protested against the authorities' decision to dispatch troops again to Afghanistan on December 8, according to KBS and MBC of south Korea.

The opposition parties referred to the fact that the authorities at the Cabinet meeting that day discussed and voted for the issue of dispatching forces of the puppet army including helicopters and unmanned reconnaissance planes to Afghanistan again and decided to present "motion calling for troop dispatch" to the "National Assembly" within this week.

They denounced the authorities for having decided to dispatch troops on a long-term basis at a time when other countries consider withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan. This can not but be a blind and irresponsible action, they charged.

They held that they can never agree with the authorities' decision as it was an expression to submit to meaningless death in disregard of security of people.

The Joint Conference of Civic and Public Organizations against Renewed Dispatch of Troops to Afghanistan made up of 65 civic and public organizations of south Korea including the Citizen's Solidarity for Democratic Society called a press conference in Seoul on the same day to denounce the puppet authorities' decision.

The organization strongly called for immediately stopping the projected dispatch of troops, an act little short of breaking the promise with the people. It also urged the "National Assembly" not to approve nor connive at the decision of the "government".

It warned that all the civic and public organizations would launch a fierce struggle to check the renewed dispatch of troops to Afghanistan.

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