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Hamhung City Youth Goat Farm
Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- The Hamhung City Youth Goat Farm in Raeil District, South Hamgyong Province is one of the largest stock-breeding bases in the DPRK.

In the workers' district there are dwelling houses, dormitories, school, clinic, shop, hostel, bath-house, TV relay station and other entertainment and welfare centres as well as many pens and milk processing facilities. It also has six power stations.

Along long-stretching pasturage courses, scores of branch farms are placed in seven areas.

Workshops where pigs, rabbits, geese and other domestic animals are raised with by-products from milk processing and a granulated fodder workshop are also operated on a high level as required by the new century.

Sixty kinds of anti-epizootic Koryo medicines are prepared in the farm's fully-equipped Koryo veterinary pharmacy.

Chlorella is cultivated in an area of hundreds of square meters, where automatic monitoring and control devices are installed in the production processes to help increase the weight of such animals as goat and pig and boost the milk output.

The milk processing workshop is furnished with automatic bottle and vinyl bag packing machines and a large freezer as well as production processes of butter, cheese and yogurt.

Compared with the figures eight years ago, the milk production has increased two times, the output of milk processed goods 2.4 times and the number of goats 1.7 times.

Indeed, the goat farm has made a great contribution to improving the diet of residents in the province.

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