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Korean People Called upon to Emerge Victors
Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Monday editorially calls upon all the people in the DPRK to advance by leaps and bounds with the same revolutionary enthusiasm and spirit as displayed in the period of the grand Chollima advance and thus fully demonstrate the dignity and honor of being victors in the final charge for successfully concluding this year's assignments.

It was the Chollima era when the country witnessed the might of the harmonious whole in which the leader believed in the people and they reposed their absolute trust in him and followed him and when it was pervaded with the revolutionary spirit of devotedly translating all the intentions of the Party and the leader into realities by going through thick and thin, the heroic spirit of boldly pulling through any trial and the militant stamina of making uninterrupted innovations and advance without allowing even a moment's stagnation and marking time, the editorial notes, and goes on:

The Korean people successfully built a socialist power, independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in national defense, on this land by carrying out the historic task of industrialization in a matter of just 14 years in the spirit of Chollima and with the speed of advance which required them to take a hundred steps while others did just one step.

The spirit displayed in the Chollima era was a noble spiritual legacy which made a history of great surge in the Korean revolution. This spirit serves as an ideological and moral treasure as it helps bolster the Korean people's mental power a thousand times and encourages them to win a victory in the drive for effecting a great revolutionary surge though the circumstances and conditions of the revolution have changed and one generation has been replaced by another.

The course of the Korean people's heroic struggle for paving the way for socialism of Korean style remains shining thanks to the inheritance of the history and tradition of the grand Chollima advance.

They are now living and struggling in the era of a new advance for effecting a great surge to turn the socialist country into a thriving nation.

All the Party members and other working people should wage a more dynamic 100-day campaign in the spirit of Songun Chollima in hearty response to the militant appeal of the WPK and fully demonstrate the heroic spirit of Songun Korea dashing ahead like the wind towards thriving nation.

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