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Intention of U.S.-Japan Secret Pact on Nukes Exposed
Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- Former Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Murata, in his recent interview with a newspaper, said that there was a document on the secret pact between Japan and the United States, made in 1960 when the "Japan-U.S. Security Treaty" was revised. Under this pact the Japanese government agreed to tacitly approve the stopover in Japan of U.S. military ships carrying nuclear weapons and their transit through its territorial waters.

At that time the introduction of U.S. nukes into Japan had to go through "prior consultation" between the two countries. But, the said secret pact allowed any U.S. military ship carrying nukes to stop over and pass through Japanese territorial waters without such "prior consultation" in the event of "contingency" in the Far East.

Commenting on this fact, Rodong Sinmun Monday points out that the "contingency" in the Far East, stipulated in the document on the secret pact, means "contingency" on the Korean Peninsula.

As a result, it has been clearly proven once again that the said document is a criminal nuclear war document for use of nukes in the "contingency" on the Korean Peninsula and the U.S. is the very one that spawned the nuclear issue on the peninsula, the news analyst says, and goes on:

Clear is the aims sought by the U.S. in having concluded this nuclear secret pact with Japan.

The U.S. imperialists' Asia strategy for aggression is a strategy of strength, a strategy for nuclear war. The U.S., with the design to occupy the whole of the Korean Peninsula and dominate Asia by igniting another Korean war, is seeking to use Japan as an operational and logistic base and a sortie base for attack on the DPRK and other Asian countries. The U.S. intends to carry out a war by hurling its task forces from its mainland, Japan and other regions into the Korean front in "contingency" on the Korean Peninsula. That is why the U.S. imperialists concluded the said pact with Japan, its junior ally, while deploying its huge nuclear weapons there.

The U.S. can neither conceal its despicable colors as the very one that caused the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula and spawned the present nuclear crisis nor evade its responsibility for them. It had better retract the above-said secret pact immediately and withdraw its nuclear armed forces from south Korea and Japan.

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