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S. Korea Accused of Escalating Confrontation with DPRK
Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the south Korean puppets sentenced the chairperson for information of the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration to two years in prison, two years of suspension of qualification and four years of probation on charges of possessing MP3 file containing musical programs of the DPRK.

Commenting on this, a news analyst of Minju Joson Sunday observes:

This trial goes to prove that the "liberal democratic system" much touted by the puppets is nothing but a harsh fascist system which bans even freely listening to and singing songs and south Korea is the world's darkest society with the worst human rights record.

By doing so the puppets revealed before the world people their true colors as fascists and the truth behind their anti-DPRK human rights campaign.

The conservative ruling forces of south Korea are reacting to the broad-minded measures and sincere efforts of the DPRK for improving the inter-Korean relations by escalating the confrontation with fellow countrymen. The above-said sentence is part of such confrontation moves. The puppets are abusing even musical programs for escalating the confrontation with fellow countrymen.

It is their ulterior intention to mercilessly suppress anyone calling for implementing the north-south joint declaration and standing in the way of their anti-reunification moves in a bid to clear the hurdles lying in the way of the fascist rule and confrontation with fellow countrymen. The trial of the pregnant chairperson for information of the solidarity indicates what extent the fascist suppression of pro-reunification patriotic forces of south Korea has reached. Their escalated confrontation with fellow countrymen and intensified fascist suppression are by no means expedients for prolonging their remaining days but lead them to ruin, warns the news analyst.

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