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Hamhung City Decorated with Electric Light
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Hamhung City, South Hamgyong Province, an east coastal area of the country has turned into a fascinating world of bright lights.

Decorated with lamplights are Hamhung Railway Station, Orogong Street, Hamhung Grand Theatre, Sinhung Restaurant, Sinhungsan Hotel and other buildings and streets.

The Hamhung Grand Theatre, adorned with a rational combination of upward, downward, near and far-reaching floodlights by making an effective use of the experience gained in the electric light decoration projects of Pyongyang and Wonsan City, reminds the spectators of a ship sailing through waves at night.

The roof of Sinhung Restaurant is illuminated by lamps preserving its national color as a traditional Korean-style building, while the Sinhungsan Hotel with glittering lamps of various shapes.

Seen from the sea, light-decked apartment buildings and public service facilities in Orogong Street in Hungnam District look like passenger ships, big and small, at anchor in a row.

Their roofs are lit bright by rhythmic neon lamps in shapes of jumping fishes and flying seagulls.

Multistoried apartments in Thongnam Street are adorned with sodium lamps in upper part, verandas being bedecked with rhythmic lamps and walls with upward and near-reaching floodlights.

Also wonderful are decorations of public service facilities with lamp tubes, lamp lines and floodlights standing in intersections.

A new type of lamplight decoration has been applied to the whole of the 1.5km-long green belts in the centre of Sinhung Street.

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