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KCNA Slams Japan's "Human Rights" Racket
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Japan desperately worked as one of the co-sponsors of the "resolution on human rights in north Korea" at the Third Committee of the 64th UN General Assembly.

The above-said anti-DPRK "human rights" racket is nothing new as it was a politically motivated trite plot hatched by hostile forces against the DPRK every year, but it is extremely ridiculous for Japan to take the lead in the racket as it has the worst human rights record.

Japan is not entitled to say anything about someone's "human rights issue" as it is the only country in the world that has not yet redeemed the crimes it committed against humanity in the past.

The Japanese imperialists perpetrated such hideous human rights abuses in Korea last century as massacring more than a million Koreans, forcibly drafting at least 8.4 million Koreans and forcing 200,000 Korean women into sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.

The sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, in particular, is still censured by the international community as it was the most monstrous human rights abuse in the world history of wars.

The Japanese imperialists lured Korean girls with the promise to help them get "jobs" and kidnapped or forcibly took away girls working in fields and drawing water from wells and those passing by on roads. Not content with this, they kidnapped even young married women with children and 12-15 year-old girls to reduce them to "comfort women" for the Imperial Japanese Army and massacred many of them just before Japan's defeat in a bid to cover up its crimes.

A Japanese confessed as follows while testifying to the miserable plight of those "comfort women":

"What happened several decades back is still fresh in my memory. Dozens of 'Korean comfort women' for the Imperial Japanese Army were shouting 'Help!' before drowning in the sea. At that time our superior ordered us not to help them, blustering they were no more than consumer goods and Japanese soldiers would find a plenty of them in Korea. Mere stretch of hands could have saved them. It is my strong desire to help them get their long pent-up grudge settled. I would like to offer even a single chima and jogori, a single flower and incense stick to the grudge-bearing sea waters."

This being hard realities, the Japanese authorities have resorted to a mean and persistent trick to shamelessly cover up the coercive nature of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army enforced with government and military power involved instead of admitting and apologizing for their crimes.

Among the countries which were branded as "war criminal states" after the end of the Second World War Japan is the only country that has still refused to make apology and reparation for its war crimes. Yet, Japan is behaving as if it were a "human rights judge", unaware of where it stands. This is the height of cynicism.

The world is stunned by the whole gamut of human rights abuses rife in the Japanese society.

Japan has been reduced to a grave yard of human rights due to an alarming number of jobless people, shocking cases of suicides, xenophobia, flesh traffic, etc. widely known to the world.

It is ridiculous, indeed, for such country to "admonish" someone over "human rights issue."

Japan is so crafty as to say this or that about the "human rights issue" in the DPRK in a bid to divert elsewhere the international community's criticism of Japan and evade its responsibility. This just reminds one of a prostitute talking about her virtue.

Japan would be well advised to stop trumpeting about the "human rights" though belatedly, well aware of its position in which it is not qualified to talk about any human rights issue unless it redeems its past crimes committed against humanity.

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