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Method of Nursing Saplings in Paper-Bag Humus-Cakes
Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) -- The Central Tree Nursery of the DPRK is cultivating lots of saplings by the method of growing saplings in the paper-bag humus-cakes.

Tens of species of saplings including Evodia daniellii are growing in the open-air cultivation field of the nursery. They are all the saplings growing from the seeds and cuttings planted in paper-bag humus-cakes or seedbeds.

Superior is the method of producing saplings in humus-cakes.

As the paper-bag has pores, the saplings can absorb enough oxygen through the pores. After they are transplanted into fields, they easily strike their rootlets in the fields through the pores.

The humus-cake saplings can be planted all the year round. It is convenient to handle them and the humus cakes are not broken while transporting and planting.

The method reduces the utilization of soil and consumption of seeds to one tenth as against the existing method of producing saplings and saves the manpower while raising the rate of rooting of saplings to over 95 percent.

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