calendar>>December 1. 2009 Juche 98
New Documentary Film Produced
Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) -- The Korean Documentary and Science Film Studio produced "To Realize the Modeling of the Whole Society on the Juche Idea", Part 3 of documentary film "The Sun of Songun Shedding Its Rays All over the World".

The film extensively deals with the historical facts that General Secretary Kim Jong Il put forward the unique idea and theory on modeling the whole society on the Juche idea and wisely led the work for carrying them into practice.

It shows vivid scenes telling about the facts that the Workers' Party of Korea has been further developed into the glorious party of President Kim Il Sung, the single-minded unity of the Party and the revolutionary ranks consolidated and epoch-making changes made in all fields of the revolution and construction during the gigantic struggle for meeting the requirements of Juche in ideology, technology and culture.

In peculiar, the film shows the exploits of Kim Jong Il who provided powerful military guarantee for modeling the whole society on the Juche idea by building up the People's Army, the main force of revolution, to be the foremost death-defying corps, the principal pillar and the invincible revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu in carrying out the revolutionary cause as required by the era of Songun, a new era of Juche revolution.

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