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Scenery of Inner Chilbo
Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) -- Mt. Chilbo is one of the six beautiful mountains in Korea. There is in the mountain Naegyong Pavilion from which people have enjoyed the inner scenery of Mt. Chilbo from olden times.

From Naegyong Pavilion, people can get a view of the whole scenery of Inner Chilbo of Mt. Chilbo, which is grandiose and fascinating for its many peaks and large and small curious rocks.

There are many scenic spots. Among them are the Jung rock which is said that a Buddhist monk turned into a rock, charmed by the beauty of the Ison rock while chanting prayers in a standing position, Kwangdae rock resembling a farmer dancing with a bamboo hat on his head, Changgom (spear and sword) rock, Pubu (a couple) rock associated with different legends, Kumgang Peak, Kumgang cave, Phiano (piano) rock, Chogajip (thatched house) rock, Nongbu (peasant) rock and Kumgang falls.

The water of Kumgang falls falling from a steep cliff looks like silk fabrics and its drips remind people of hundreds of thousands of beads when the water touches the ground.

Jonggak (bell-house) Peak, Kumsu Peak with rocks resembling various animals, Hogu rock similar to a tiger with its mouth opened and Hwaebul (flaming torch) rock and other peaks and curious rocks and Kidang falls which exposes its shape in the flood season are adding beauty to Inner Chilbo of Mt. Chilbo.

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