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Japanese Suppression of Korean Independence Movement
Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) -- The Japanese imperialists committed an unprecedented crime by brutally cracking down upon the anti-Japanese independence movement of the Korean people in an attempt to exterminate them.

When the anti-Japanese sentiments of the Korean people were mounting higher after the concoction of the "Ulsa Five-Point Treaty" in 1905, they fabricated various evil laws for maintaining and strengthening their colonial rule and covered the whole Korea with a network of army, gendarme and police and thus crushed any slightest elements of the independence movement in a brutal way.

They concocted the "Korean Civil Act", "Korean Criminal Act", "Korean Lash Act", "Korean Prison Act" and other evil laws and put the "Criminal Summary Act" into force, letting the gendarme and police punish the patriotic people at random.

They, crying that the "punitive" operation against the anti-Japanese righteous volunteers could not be carried out only with the armed forces present in Korea, shipped huge forces into Korea from the Japan proper.

The repression of the volunteers' struggle was at its height after August 1907.

According to the drastically curtailed data released by the Japanese imperialists, they killed more than 3,620 volunteers and people between August and December 1907 and over 11,560 in 1908.

Typical of "punitive" operations was the "encirclement and annihilation operation" to suppress the volunteers in the area of Jolla Province at that time.

In November 1910 they launched large-scale "punitive operations" against the anti-Japanese righteous volunteer units to slay lots of volunteers and patriotic people right and left in the areas of Hwanghae, Hamgyong and Kyongsang provinces. They fabricated an "attempted assassination of Terauchi" in December that year. With this as an occasion, they arrested over 600 Korean patriots, threw over 100 persons into prison and punished most of them.

The number of the patriots who were arrested and imprisoned by them by exercising the "right to forced execution" and the "right to summary punishment" grew over 10 times in 1918 that in 1912.

The Korean people will certainly make the Japanese imperialists pay for their brutal suppression of the anti-Japanese independence movement and massacre of Korean people no matter how much water may flow under the bridge.

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