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Efficacious Koryo Medicines
Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- Koryo medicine production units throughout the DPRK are producing efficacious Koryo medicines to promote the health of the working people.

The Phyongchon Koryo Medicine Factory is one of them.

The factory, which takes it as its technological development strategy to introduce latest science and technology and firmly guarantee the quality, is manufacturing lots of Koryo medicines. Among them are Roksahyang which improves brain and cardiac muscle ischemia, barrenwort tonic pill and a calcium acetate pill which is essential microelement complex. They are made with quality extract from various kinds of medicinal herbs.

Roksahyang is a functional Koryo medicine with medicinal ingredients improving the blood circulation and removing ischemia, aroma of green plants having pain-killing and sedating function and essential microelement complex.

It is potent for the treatment of brain and cardiac muscle ischemia for its medicinal function such as expanding coronary blood vessel, removing anoxia and repressing the formation of thrombus.

It is also applicable to cerebral thrombosis, aftermath of cerebral concussion, various diseases in circulatory system, nervous system and digestive system, carbon monoxide poisoning and others.

Aronia melanocarpa fruit injection restores the hypercholesterolemia content, neutral fat content and the index of the arteriosclerosis to normalcy.

Malt pancreatitis granule is specially efficacious for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

The medicines produced at the factory are well received by public health organs throughout the country.

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