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Mt. Myohyang of Superb Scenic Beauty
Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- Beautiful Mt. Myohyang has been known as one of six celebrated mountains and one of the eight beauty spots in Korea, which covers large areas of North and South Phyongan and Jagang provinces.

The grand and curious peaks, rocks of fantastic shape, deep valleys, bluff cliffs, crystal-clear water, many waterfalls, thickly wooded forest, colorful maples, murmurs of brooks and birdcalls--all these form the superb scenic beauty of the mountain.

Seen in the area are various species of plants growing in the northern and southern regions and in low and high lands. Over 30 kinds of wild animals and more than 130 kinds of birds inhabit there.

The Myohyang Stream flows, which teems with rainbow trout, char and the like.

Sited in the mountain are the International Friendship Exhibition House, a treasure house of gifts praising the great persons, and old buildings such as the Pohyon Temple showcasing the architecture of Korea in the early 11th century, several stone towers and monuments, many historical relics including 80,000 blocks of complete collection of Buddhist scriptures and wood printing plate.

Facilities for the tourists and campers have been arranged there. Among them are the Mountaineering Camp of the Pyongyang City Children's Union, Pirobong Lodging House, Hyangsan Hotel, dry food stall and spa.

Tourist routes, pavilions, flyovers and resting places have been newly built in a peculiar way to suit the beauties of nature, thus adding beauty to the mountain.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the newly built Mt. Myohyang Recreation Ground some time ago and underlined the need to spruce up Mt. Myohyang, the precious possession of the people, and hand it down to posterity.

The working people of all strata, overseas Koreans and foreigners enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain and are deeply moved by the immortal feats and warm benevolence of the peerlessly great persons associated with the mountain.

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