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Genuine Patriots, Paragons of Songun Era
Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) -- True patriots, the pacemakers of the times are growing in number year after year nay, century after century in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

President Kim Il Sung brought up many people as the models of the times in the days of building a new country after the liberation, the Fatherland Liberation War against U.S. imperialism and the grand Chollima march after the war.

The army and people of Korea have made brilliant victory and proud successes in the struggle for protecting socialism and in the building of a rich and powerful country under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea. All these successes are associated with strenuous efforts made by the people of merit who are devoting themselves for the Party and the leader, the country and the people in the Songun era.

Work-team head Ri Ho Chol of the Taehung Youth Hero Mine made a great contribution to making the refractory industry of the country Juche-oriented at the end of trial production numbering 149.

Ju Pok Sun, director of the Manpho Spinning Mill, though she was busy with factory affairs, reared many orphans with maternal affection as pillars of the mill.

Among the persons of merit in the Songun era are Jo Yong Hwan, a work-team head of the Songjong Co-op Farm in Pongchon County, who is devotedly working on the cooperative fields; Ri Kil Son, a tunneling worker of pit No. 10 under the Jenam Coal Mine, who is registering big successes at the underground cutting face, an important post for building a prosperous country; Ri Un Hui, a merited nurse of the Kaesong City People's Hospital, who has nursed many patients with might and main so that they can work on the socialist construction site; merited teacher Ri Yong Chol, principal of Kim Jong Suk Secondary School No. 1, who trains students as pillars of the great, prosperous and powerful nation with a determination to prop up the country throughout his life; and Kim Phyong Gil, director of the Cableway Management Office for Revolutionary Battle Site on Mt. Paektu, who is obediently devoting his all for the visitors to the sacred land of revolution.

Jang Tu Il, a designer of the designing office under the Chollima Steel Complex, exerted his all wisdom and energy to the work for establishing a modern steel production process by Korean-style UHP electric arc furnace. And Paek Nam Chol of the Moranbong Bus Company is faithful to his duties to ensure passenger transport for the Pyongyang citizens with the spirit of devoted service to the people.

Today the meritorious persons of the Songun era with a noble revolutionary character are creating miracles and innovations in the construction of a thriving socialist nation as the paragons of the times under the guidance of the Workers' Party of Korea.

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