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Gravity-Fed Waterway Changes Meaning of Miru Plain
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- The completion of a gravity-fed waterway project has changed the meaning of the Miru Plain in North Hwanghae Province.

Before the liberation of the country, the plain was called a place unfit for habitation.

Then many people abandoned the land with bitter tears as they could not gather in even seeds for next year's farming owing to severe drought.

Right after the liberation, President Kim Il Sung visited the place on several occasions to fix the site of a reservoir and indicate the ways for converting the plain into fertile soil.

Under the wise guidance of the President gigantic nature-remaking projects had been undertaken to consolidate the success in irrigation and complete it on a higher level, with the result that water of the Nam and Ryesong rivers were pumped to do farming on a safe basis.

In accordance with General Secretary Kim Jong Il's far-reaching plan for turning the Miru Plain into a granary, a gravity-fed waterway project has been completed as a monumental creature of the times. As a result, the agricultural working people are doing farming without worries about water while economizing large amounts of electricity.

They say the Miru Plain, which had been abandoned in the past, has been converted into a granary full of happiness.

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