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Valuable Sheets of Paper
Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- It was in September Juche 36 (1947) when the anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk stayed in Kyongsong County.

One day three rural women residing in a nearby village came to see her who had earned fame on the battlefield against Japanese imperialism, carrying some early pears with them.

While having conversation with them, she noticed that they were all illiterate. She said to the following effect: An illiterate is not different from a blind fool. An unlettered person can neither arm himself with the idea of General Kim Il Sung nor contribute to the building of a new country. You should not feel shame at illiteracy but assiduously study at an adults' school from now on.

She took out three sheets of paper and wrote something on them. She gave them one sheet apiece, saying that it was her address and they should write a letter to her after learning how to read and write.

They were moved to tears with the valuable sheets of paper in their bosom.

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