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Songun Revolutionary Cause Originated from DIU
Pyongyang, October 16 (KCNA) -- The Korean revolution is a sacred one which was pioneered and has advanced under the banner of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU).

In the 1920s when the national liberation movement of Korea was undergoing bitter twists and turns, President Kim Il Sung formed the DIU on October 17, 1926 with a firm belief that the enemy armed to the teeth could be beat down only with arms.

The formation of the DIU provided the root of the Workers' Party of Korea and marked the start of the Songun revolution.

The DIU was the first revolutionary vanguard organization which embodied his idea of giving importance to arms and its programme was the starting-basis of the Songun revolutionary cause which provided the fundamental idea and principle of the armed revolution.

Having inherited the idea of armed resistance and two pistols from his father, the President hardened the revolutionary will to save the destiny of the country and nation by dint of arms. He declared a life-and-death struggle against the imperialists by forming the DIU.

The formation of the DIU was the first step for accomplishing the historical cause of carrying the Juche-oriented idea of giving importance to arms into practice and the first preparatory stage for organizing a revolutionary armed unit.

In accordance with the completion of the preparatory work for armed struggle beginning from the DIU, the President set forth the line of armed struggle, the strategic one of the Korean revolution, in the Kalun meeting and founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army in April of Juche 21 (1932), thus opening up the great history of the Songun revolution.

The socialist idea set forth by the DIU serves as the fundamental one of the Songun revolutionary cause of Juche and its principle of independence, anti-imperialism and continued revolution as the basic one which firmly guarantees the final victory of the revolution.

The history of the WPK which has covered the road of independence and prosperity is the course of practical struggle for realizing the idea and principle of the DIU under the banner of Songun and all the victory and successes gained in this course are a precious fruition of the idea.

The DIU indicated the path to sovereignty, independence and prosperity of the country and nation with the idea of giving priority to the arms, the first of its kind in the accomplishment of the people's cause of independence. The Korean people have applied it to practice, thus creating a new history to build great, prosperous and powerful socialist country in this land shining with Songun politics. The exploits of the DIU will shine forever in the history of the country.

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