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Pothonggang Shop Newly Opened
Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- The Pothonggang Shop newly constructed in the heart of Pyongyang is now crowded with citizens.

The shop is a service center for improving the dietary life of citizens.

Such fragrant merchandise as fresh apple, pear, grape and other fruits line the shelves on the well-arranged first floor.

Conspicuous are fruit sets with various fruits for holiday and birthday.

The counters on the second floor are set out with various kinds of meats and meat products. Among them are more than 10 kinds of pork by-products including stomach, liver, ear, hoof and tail and processed goods such as sausage and ham, as well as meats of duck, goose and turkey.

Each floor of the shop is equipped with all facilities for keeping the commodities fresh.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the shop in August last. Then he said that nothing was more important for the Workers' Party of Korea than to provide more affluent and cultured life to the people, adding that the shop should sell enough fruits and meat products to citizens of the capital so as to permeate the streets of the city with fruit fragrance and to make the streets full of people's happiness.

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