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Plunder of Farm Products by Japanese Imperialists
Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- The Japanese imperialists are the sworn enemies who had imposed immeasurable misfortunes and sufferings upon the Korean people during their 40-odd-year long illegal occupation of the country.

One of their pernicious crimes committed in Korea was the pillage of farm produce.

The cunning imperialists enforced deceitful and gangster-like predatory policies including "Grain Expropriation Decree" and "Plan for Increased Rice Production" to ship a large amount of agricultural products to Japan.

They, who had enforced the "System of Forced Grain Delivery" by force around the provocation of the Pacific War, stepped up the plunder of grain and other farm products under the cloak of "delivery".

The grain which the Japanese imperialists carried away in 1944, a year before their defeat, under the pretext of food, industrial raw materials and military provisions amounted to 60-70 percent of Korea's total grain output.

In order to depredate rice in an extensive way, they set up lots of predatory machinery such as "grain inspecting office" and "grain co-operative" in different parts of the country including South Phyongan, Kyonggi, South Chungchong, South Jolla and North Kyongsang Provinces, major granaries in the country.

According to the curtailed data released by the Japanese imperialists, they took away 190 million soms of rice (one som equivalent to 150 kilograms), and, if added by cereals, 260 million soms of grain during their colonial rule over Korea.

The Koreans who were robbed of rice were subjected to double and treble exploitation by buying negligible amount of rice at an expensive price under the name of "ration".

The huge amounts of rice and cereals plundered by the imperialists during their colonial rule reach astronomical figures if calculated in money.

Nevertheless, Japan has failed to make reparation for their crimes still today even though more than six decades have passed since the defeat.

Japan must apologize and make reparation for all the crimes they had perpetrated.

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