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"Unyo-maru" Incident, Prelude to Armed Aggression
Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- The "Unyo-maru" intrusion incident perpetrated by the Japanese imperialists in the past was a prelude to their armed invasion against Korea.

Japan let its warship "Unyo-maru" illegally intrude into Pusan Port as the first stage for the aggression of Korea in May of 1875 in accordance with the "theory of the conquest of Korea".

The aggressors attempted to overawe the Korean government and achieve their end without difficulty while committing various provocations under the pretext of the so-called military exercise.

However, the things went athwart. They infiltrated "Unyo-maru" into the sea off the Kanghwa Island in September of that year again near the Chojijin battery, an important fortress of Korea, by which any foreign warships could not pass without prior approval.

While firing guns on the Chojijin battery, the aggressors attacked Jongsan and Yongjong islets with weak defence facilities and slaughtered innocent people only to be meted out due punishment by the indignant Korean defenders.

This notwithstanding, the Japanese aggressors raved that the Korean side committed hostile acts against Japan as the thief turns on the master with a club. They again infiltrated an aggressive fleet into the sea off Kanghwa Island and forced the Korean government to conclude an unequal treaty.

Claiming compensation for the "damage inflicted on Unyo-maru", they compelled the feudal government of Ri Dynasty to sign the "Korea-Japan Friendship Treaty" (the "Kanghwa Island Treaty") in the early of 1876.

With the illegal treaty as a pretext, old Japan infiltrated deep into the political, economic, cultural and other fields of Korea and occupied her by force of arms in the long run, imposing immeasurable misfortunes and sufferings on the Korean people during the 40-odd-year-long colonial rule.

More than 130 years have passed since the "Unyo-maru" intrusion incident, the Korean people do never forget the crimes committed against the Korean nation by the Japanese imperialists who had stretched their dark claws of aggression to Korea from many years ago.

Japan must apologize and pay reparation for its past crimes without fail.

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