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Undying Feats Achieved in Nation Building
Pyongyang, September 21 (KCNA) -- Anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk devoted her all to the efforts for building a new country after the liberation of the country.

She met officials of a local people's committee after her triumphant return where she said that they should thoroughly implement President Kim Il Sung's line of nation building.

Everywhere she went, she led Party organizations to work in line with the revolutionary idea of the President. At the Chongjin City Party Committee of North Hamgyong Province in December of Juche 34 (1945), she instructed officials that they should firmly build up party organizations with people tested and trained in the revolutionary struggle for the national liberation as the core, admit into the Party fine elements among the masses of all strata and organize Party organizations in the industrial establishments at an early date.

She spoke at a lecture meeting in the teeth of her personal danger caused by reactionaries to bring home to the popular masses the correctness of the President's line of people's government and to inspire them to turn out in the efforts for building a new country as one.

Her efforts went into the campaigns for successfully enforcing the Agrarian Reform Law, Law on Nationalization of Major Industries, Labor Law and Law on Sex Equality.

Immeasurable were the efforts made by her in those years of building the nation. She saw to it that the emblem and flag of the DPRK were instituted and the draft of a new constitution of the DPRK was worked out in full reflection of the President's far-sighted plan for the building of a new country.

Having keenly realized the truth of the revolution that the country and the revolution could be protected only at the point of bayonet in the early period of her revolutionary activities, she assisted in every way the President in guiding the work for founding a regular army.

She visited Pyongyang Institute and Central Security Officers School, centers for training military and political cadres, where she saw to it that they would direct efforts to arming the students with the military idea of the President and educating them in the spirit of loyalty to him, and corrected the teaching programmes.

She paid deep attention to the training of commanding officers of all services in the building of the regular army and was always busy with ensuring logistic supplies for it.

The uniform of the Korean People's Army was made in a unique way in March of 1947 amid her deep concern.

She also put her heart and soul into founding and developing a powerful national defence industry and the work for turning the whole country into a fortress and arming the entire people.

Indeed, the great feats performed by Kim Jong Suk for the building of a new country and its prosperity will shine long along with the history.

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