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DPRK's Birthday Marked
Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) -- Seminars of organizations for the study of the Juche idea were held in Colombia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Britain and Nigeria and film shows in Russia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Germany from Sept. 4 to 9 on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the founding of the DPRK.

Jairo Gonzalez Trujillo, president of the Group for the Study of the Juche Idea "Kanggye" of Colombia, said that the DPRK has dynamically pushed ahead with the socialist cause, guided by the Juche idea, the Songun idea, since the very day of its foundation.

Oskar Molleby, chief of the Swedish Group for the Study of the Juche Idea, noted that the history of the DPRK, which has won victories overcoming all sorts of trials depending upon the united strength of the leader, the party and the masses, proves the validity and vitality of the Juche idea.

Lyudmil Kostadinov, chief of the Bulgarian Group for the Study of the Juche Idea, said that the DPRK is the publicly recognized political and ideological power and military power.

Shawn Pikford, secretary general of the British Association for the Study of Songun Policy, pointed out that the three revolutions, ideological, technical and cultural, are being dynamically pushed ahead in the DPRK and shining successes have been achieved on all the fronts of socialist construction.

Igwanagu Nicholas, chairman of the Nigerian Group for the Study of Kimjongilism, said that the DPRK has victoriously advanced and fully demonstrated its might in the international arena under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung, father of socialist Korea, and General Secretary
Kim Jong Il for the last more than six decades since its foundation.

The participants in the film shows watched Korean films including "For the Liberation of the Country", "The Tower of the Juche Idea" and "The Army of the DPRK".

A message of greetings to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the seminar held in Sweden.

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