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Rodong Sinmun Calls for Attaching Importance to Work with Youth
Pyongyang, September 10 (KCNA) -- It is necessary to attach importance to the work with the youth in the efforts to accomplish the cause of independence, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a signed article.

It goes on: If any country fails to properly do the work with the youth, it cannot train them as dependable successors to the revolution and if young people give up socialism, having no firm faith in it, they will only meet a miserable fate. The article proves this by citing what happened in the former socialist countries where capitalism revived as an example.

Young people in the former socialist countries were half in doubt about the victory of socialism and harbored illusion about capitalism because they neglected the work with the youth, the article notes, and continues:

This prompted them to take the road of betrayal and defection and abandon socialism in the end.

Their preoccupation was how to earn more money and live in luxury. They were utterly indifferent to socio-political issues such as motherland, people and socialism.

There are many countries and young people in the world but it is only the Korean youth who are making revolution, enjoying a worthy life and happiness under the care of the great leader, the great party and the great motherland.

The Korean people find the worth and pride of living and struggling and confidently foresee a bright future of Songun Korea in the appearance of the dependable young vanguard dedicating themselves to the party, the leader and the socialist motherland, concludes the article.

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