calendar>>September 4. 2009 Juche 98
Great Edifices Mushroom in DPRK
Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- Many monumental edifices to glorify the era the Workers' Party of Korea have been constructed across the country by the Korean people who create things out of nothing, turning impossibility into possibility.

The Korean-style UHP electric arc furnace was built at the Chollima Steel Complex in a short span of time, CNC machines manufactured to put the machine-tool industry of Songun Korea on the advanced level and the Pyongyang Textile Mill, one of the nation's leading light industrial bases, completely facelifted.

Juche-orientation of magnesite industry has been realized in the Komdok area and the Majon Hotel, the Kalma Theatre and others constructed in the east coastal area.

Rice ears are getting ripe in thousands of hectares of paddy fields reclaimed in the Taegyedo tideland by damming the West Sea. And the Kujang Fish Farm has been reconstructed on an expansion basis to open a bright vista for increasing the production of freshwater fish.

A fish farm in Sinchang succeeded in breeding sturgeon whose artificial proliferation was regarded as difficult.

Latest building materials and foodstuff production bases including the Taedonggang Tile Factory and the Samilpho Special Products Factory are making their appearance in different parts of the country.

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