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Japan's Evermore Undisguised Moves to Turn Itself into Military Power Blasted
Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Defense of Japan was reported to have officially decided to deploy throughout Japan an expanded network of PAC-3 as part of the moves for establishing the missile defense system (MD) to cope with the "missile threat" from the DPRK.

Commenting on this, a news analyst of Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says:

The above-said fact suggests that Japan's moves for turning itself into a military power aimed at overseas aggression are being pushed forward at a more practical phase.

The Japanese reactionaries accustomed to pulling up others are absurdly claiming that the above-said moves are designed to cope with the "missile threat" from the DPRK.

What they assert is nothing but sophism intended to build public opinion about the non-existent "missile threat" from the DPRK and thus justify the ever-more undisguised moves of Japan for turning itself into a military power.

Recently the ultra-right conservative forces are unhesitatingly letting loose a spate of balderdash that Japan should have access to nuclear weapons under the pretext of the non-existent "nuclear threat" from the DPRK.

It is open secret that recently the Japanese reactionaries are stepping up the development and production of modern weapons and the moves to bolster up armed forces for war, contemplating the reexamination of the ban on the exercise of the "right to collective self-defense" and the "three principles of arms export." Their reckless military moves remind one of a "tiger moth."

The Japanese reactionaries are pushing ahead with the military preparations for reinvasion at the final phase as evidenced by the above-said projected PAC-3 deployment, fostering and escalating a new Cold War and arms race and aggravating the situation in Northeast Asia. The world peace-loving people are seriously concerned about this development and heightening vigilance against Japan.

Japan would be well advised to stop its reckless moves to turn itself into a military power, facing up to the watchful eyes of the world.

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