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Drama "Sentry under a Neon Lamp" under Performance in Pyongyang
Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) -- The drama "Sentry under a Neon Lamp" has been staged in Pyongyang nowadays following its successful performances at the Hamhung Grand Theatre.

The number of the theatre-goers has reached tens of thousands up to now since its first performance.

The drama was created and performed in China in the early 1960s. Through the artistic depiction of a company of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, it shows the lesson that if people are infected with "sweet wind" of capitalism they cannot defend the already-won revolution and the truth of the history that in order to make revolution, they should have a thoroughgoing class consciousness and should not lay down the weapon of class struggle.

The translated drama was created and staged in Korea about half a century ago.

The State Theatrical Troupe represented the drama this "Year of DPRK-China Friendship".

The performance is greatly influential in moving the audience for its marked individuality, truthful representation, a high level of narration art, formation of newly created scenes surpassing the original work and stage decor.

Kim Yong Il, an officer of the Korean People's Army, said: The drama implants in our mind the idea that only when the rifle is heartily taken on the basis of firm ideology and faith, can it serve as the weapon of the revolution.

Ko Yong Ul, a researcher of the Hamhung Branch Academy of the State Academy of Sciences, remarked that the drama is good not only for the servicepersons but also for the intellectuals in making their class consciousness and will unshakable.

Kim Yong Chol, a worker of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, stressed that through the drama, he clearly realized the fact that if the workers are deprived of the DPRK, the cradle of the genuine life and happiness, they will be reduced again to miserable "speaking tools" for the exploiting class, far from being a strong pillar of the country.

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