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Tideland Turns into Arable Land
Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- The Taegyedo tideland constructors have recently dammed about 14 kilometers of rough sea to acquire 8,800 hectares of land.

Prior to this, they had reclaimed the Pidansom tideland of 5,500 hectares so that Sindo County came into being. And they reclaimed the Tasado tideland of 1,000 hectares and Kwaksan, Soho and Sokhwa tidelands totaling 2,600 hectares. As a result, the Korean map has changed beyond recognition.

Islets in the sea including Taedasa, Kacha, Soyondong, Taegye and Sogye have been connected to turn into land and the coastline of Yomju and Cholsan counties extending scores of kilometers was shortened remarkably.

The sea dike makes it possible to protect the farmland from salt damage. Rice has already been planted in the paddy field of 2,600 hectares in the Taegyedo tideland, producing a large quantity of rice every year.

The completion of the Taegyedo tideland reclamation will further extend the arable land of the country.

On the other hand, a great ring road will be formed and fresh water and sea water reservoirs with shellfish and lobster farms and salt fields will be built.

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