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Fermented Flatfish Mixed with Yam
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- The medicable fermented flatfish mixed with yam has been made in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea recently.

Fermented fish is a kind of kimchi essential in the dietary life of the Korean people.

Radish has been used traditionally as carbohydrate source in processing fermented fish.

Pyongyang Foreign Service School has deepened the research into using yam for radish. In this course, the school found out that yam not only ferments the fish well but also adds taste and flavor to it, and realized the scientification and standardization of the processing method.

The Korean people have used yam widely in their dietary life as staple and subsidiary food materials from old times. Yam is also Koryo medicinal stuff for preventing and treating various diseases.

According to old Koryo medical books, yam is atoxic and gives no harmful effect on human body, makes people feel very well and helps promoting a long life no matter how long they take it.

The fermented flatfish mixed with yam has special tartish taste and fragrance and is good to see. People feel well when chewing. It thus stimulates the appetite.

As yam grows in mountains and fields of the country and has no limitation in storing, one can use it in the season when radish does not grow.

The fermented flatfish mixed with yam has been registered as an invention of the country some time ago.

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