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Japan's Moves to Revive Militarism Assailed
Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are openly contemplating setting up "a general command of ground force" in the Ground "Self-Defence Force" similar to the headquarters of the ground force of the Japanese imperialists which used to be in the period of the Pacific War, while easing the "three principles of arms export".

Commenting on this, news analyst of Rodong Sinmun Monday observes:

This move of the Japanese reactionaries can never be in the interests of Japan. It is little short of throwing Japan into the abyss of ruin.

They insist that this move is aimed at coping with the "threat" of the neighboring countries including the DPRK, but it is nothing but sheer sophism as Tokyo is apt to talk about "threat" from someone.

A real threat is coming from Japan, news analyst notes, and goes on: Japan's above-said plan is to round off the SDF organizationally and structurally to get it ready for mounting a "preemptive attack" and carrying out a war.

Japan has everything in place just as it did in the period of its imperialist rule. This is an indication that Japan's evermore undisguised moves to become a military giant and revive militarism have reached a very grave phase.

These moves of Japan are rendering the regional situation unstable and increasing the danger of a war.

The Japanese reactionaries should not forget that the above-said moves would only throw them into a pitfall of self-destruction. They had better behave themselves if they do not want to perish like tiger moth.

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