calendar>>August 6. 2009 Juche 98
Puppet Authorities' Action to Abridge Freedom of Expression Flayed
Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- Members of civic and public organizations including the Citizens' Solidarity for Democratic Society and the Solidarity of Persons of Culture and opposition parties of south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on August 3 in protest against the unreasonable action taken by the group of traitors.

Speakers at the press conference accused the authorities of working out "enforcement regulations on the use and management of plaza" which contain poisonous articles calling for checking meetings and demonstrations at Kwanghwamun plaza.

They assailed the authorities for their action to suppress the freedom of expression and violate even elementary human right and held that the unreasonable "enforcement regulations" aimed at depriving the civic and public organizations of their right to use Kwanghwamun should be repealed as early as possible.

They declared the organizations and the opposition parties would turn out in the struggle to convert the plaza into one for the people.

In another development, the fascist police rushed to the venue of the conference even before its start and perpetrated such a tyrannical action as arresting 10 participants on charges of violation of "law on assembly and demonstration".

Members of the above-said organizations and opposition parties noted the police's tyrannical action heralds a repressive campaign to be kicked off over the issue of the use of Kwanghwamun plaza in the future.

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