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Children's Camping Life
Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) -- Camping of school children is at high peak at the children's camps across the country.

Among them is the Sohungho Children's Camp located in Chonggye-ri, Pongsan County of North Hwanghae Province.

The site of the camp was picked up by President Kim Il Sung when seeing round Lake Sohung in August Juche 51 (1962).

Hundreds of school children from Sariwon and Songrim cities and Phyongsan and other counties of North Hwanghae Province are enjoying their happy holidays there.

The camping program includes colorful activities suitable for the ages and psychology of the campers so that they may lead a cheerful camping life.

They are deepening what they have learnt at school and building up their body and mind through various activities including dissemination of knowledge, collection of animals and plants and mountaineering during the camping.

They fully display their talents in public presentation of successes made by sub-branches of the Korean Children's Union, contest of art pieces and the stage of camping evening.

The camping program also includes athletic meeting, amusement game, sightseeing aboard a ship, boating and swimming.

The camp accommodates more than 6,000 school children every year. The camping expense is borne entirely by the state.

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